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All courses that lead to an RYA theory certificate must follow the same course syllabus as mandated by the RYA.

So whichever way you choose to study - whether in a classroom or online, and whichever school you choose to study with - you will study the same subjects and sit the same final exams.

However, we believe that the quality of our course design and content, our instructor support, and the depth of our content and personal insights beyond the course syllabus sets us apart from all other providers.

We provide a 14 day no quibble money back guarantee - so if for any reason you think our course isn’t suitable for you we’ll give you a full refund.
Our courses are delivered online and are designed to work on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

Our Day Skipper and Yachtmaster courses also include accompanying RYA training charts to enable you to undertake practical chart work.
In order to run lessons offline you’ll need an iPad or Android tablet, or smartphone with the iSpring Viewer app installed.

Most lessons run perfectly offline however bear in mind that we do use some Internet resources in our teaching, such as YouTube videos, and these won’t be available offline.
Those who are new to sailing and want to increase their theoretical knowledge as they progress to becoming a newly qualified skipper, and also for more experienced skippers looking to consolidate their knowledge and gain an RYA qualification.

Sailors with some practical experience but limited theoretical knowledge of tidal calculations, the Collision Regulations and buoyage will find this of particular use.

The Day Skipper theory course aims to provide students with sufficient knowledge to enable them to navigate around familiar tidal and non tidal waters by day and prepares students for progression onto either a RYA Day Skipper Sail Practical, RYA Day Skipper Power Practical or RYA Intermediate Powerboat course.
Day Skippers looking to study the syllabus to a greater depth.

Anyone intending to expand their cruising experience and venture further offshore

Experienced sailors, without theoretical qualifications wishing to consolidate their experience with a greater understanding of the theory.

It is aimed at those who will go on to attend an Advanced Powerboat, Coastal Skipper Practical, Yachtmaster Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore Preparation course,
Experienced sailors intending on undertaking extended offshore or ocean passsages.

Professional sailors progressing to the top of the RYA qualification ladder.

For leisure sailors this is the most advanced course in the RYA scheme and will give you more knowledge to sail safely to some of the worlds most stunning blue water destinations. For commercial sailors who already hold the Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence and/or Master 200 (restricted) CoC, becoming a Yachtmaster Ocean CoC, “removes the 150 mile from a safe haven” restriction you currently have. The RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean theory course is a step towards the full RYA/MCA Ocean Yachtmaster.
Our team of highly experienced RYA Instructors are on hand to offer unlimited assistance on any aspect of your course that you might need and to give prompt and thorough feedback on tests and exams.

We provide instructor support 7 days a week, and with instructors based in different time zones we are able to respond to requests for help very quickly. This will be at most within 24 hours, but usually within the hour.

This support can be be email, phone or Skype/Zoom to guide you through any problems your may have.
Access to the online training materials; comprising lessons, self-assessment exercises with model answers, and multiple quizzes.

Email support from our highly experienced Yachtmaster Instructors and, if required, telephone phone support by way of a pre-arranged Skype or Zoom call.

Mock and final exams, including comprehensive feedback.

RYA Certification.

Additionally, for Day Skipper and Yachtmaster courses you will receive the RYA Course Pack comprising: 2 RYA Training Charts, the RYA Training Almanac, and the accompanying RYA Shorebased Notes course book. For Ocean courses you will receive a copy of the required Sight Reduction Tables.

Worldwide courier delivery by DHL Express + £20
UK delivery by First Class Post is free.

However you can start studying immediately as many of the lessons don’t rely on the printed support materials.
A device to access the internet based online learning platfrom.

This might be a Windows PC or a Mac, an iPad or Android tablet or an iPhone or Android phone.

You can also download our lessons to view offline without an internet connection.

You'll also need a chart-protractor and chart-dividers (we can provide these for £28 if ordered for delivery with your course pack); 2B pencils; a rubber; and a good notebook for your notes and workings.
You shouldn’t really need anything else however, if you do want a text-book to support your learning we recommend: Reeds Skipper’s Handbook by Malcolm Pearson and The Complete Yachtmaster/Day Skipper by Tom Cunliffe. You might also wish to purchase a print copy of Admiralty Chart 5011 (Symbols & Abbreviations) rather than use the free US Chart 5011 provided with your course. All are available from Amazon.
Most students need 40-50 hours in total and the RYA mandates a minimum of 40 hours. Remember with online learning you can study anytime, anywhere for a few minutes at a time if you wish or, at the other end of the spectrum, take a week off and work through the entire course.
Our courses and supporting quizzes and exercises are designed to guide you through the syllabus to ensure you develop the knowledge to the required standard.

Our instructors will guide you through any aspect that you may find more difficult to grasp.

When the time comes to take the mock exams you should be confident in your ability to pass, and any errors you might make will be carefully outlined and areas for additional study highlighted

If, in the unlikely event that you then fail the final exams we will provide detailed feedback and learning support, before giving you the chance to retake the exam using a different set of questions.
We concentrate on developing and supporting online theory courses, so, once you’ve passed your theory course you can book practical training with any other RYA Sea School. We can offer recommendations if you want.
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