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Inspiring young people though adventure under sail

We’re delighted to support Ocean Youth Trust Scotland to deliver their life changing voyages

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland believes that all young people, regardless of circumstance or ability should have the opportunity to realise their true potential in order to live healthy, fulfilling lives - making a positive contribution to their communities.

Residential voyages aboard their vessels provide a uniquely powerful and extremely effective environment for the personal development of young people from a diverse range of backgrounds, throughout the UK and beyond.

These voyages present real physical, mental and emotional challenges, which can be genuinely life changing for young people.

“As a volunteer skipper with OYT I know at first hand just how amazing these voyages can be for young people and the transformative effect they can have.” Iain Barbour, Skippers Online

We’re delighted to support Ocean Youth Trust Scotland through our own corporate giving and through the generous support of our customers who are invited to add a donation when they purchase our courses - thank you for your support.

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland

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